Your impact

Pestalozzi World celebrates both your impact on our Alumni’s lives and the social change they bring to the world. Our Alumni are a new generation of professionals, entrepreneurs and aid workers who are equipped with the tools they need to change the world.

Backgrounds of extreme poverty

1,376 students have already graduated from our programme since 1995. All of them came from extremely underprivileged backgrounds, and the majority are girls.

High School completion rates for the poorest rural communities in Zambia, India and Nepal are just 3%, 13% and 10% respectively (UNESCO UIS 2019z).

Over 90% of the children we educate complete their school education and today, 60% hold Advanced Diplomas, Bachelors, Masters or PhDs*. Our Alumni are 3 times more likely in Asia and 10 times more likely in Zambia to achieve a university or college qualification than national averages. Without your support almost none would have reached this level of education, facing the near insurmountable barriers of poverty and gender prejudice.

*Many of our Alumni are still in education and these figures will continue to rise-all the more remarkable given that our alumni support themselves through university.

You invest and they change their worlds

The Head, Heart and Hands education model we embrace emphasises care and compassion – inspiring our students not only to go far in their chosen careers but also to give back to their communities.  88% of our Alumni have remained in their country of origin.  Meanwhile 9% are studying overseas on scholarships, and just 3% have emigrated.

Giving Back

Careers of public service

54% of our Alumni so far are in careers of public service, two-thirds as educators and one-third in healthcare or development programmes.

Volunteering to help others

47% of our Alumni have volunteered to support their communities on programmes benefitting thousands of people.

Providing financial support to family

6,200 immediate family members have indirectly benefited from the improved financial position of our Alumni.


of our Alumni fall into at least one of these categories

Many more have become successful in business, generating tax receipts and employment to assist their communities.

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