What We Do

We are shaping a new generation who will have a significant impact on their communities.

Our experts work with communities in rural areas of Zambia, India and Nepal, to select the brightest 10-year-old children (two girls for each boy)

among those held back by extreme rural poverty, early marriage, inadequate local schools, displacement due to conflict and the pressure to work.

The children are selected for their potential to become leaders and changemakers, being academically gifted and with high levels of emotional intelligence.

With the encouragement of their families, we offer these children the opportunity to leave behind the difficulties they face and move to one of our Pestalozzi Villages where they receive an excellent education, a nurturing environment and practical life skills.

Our children are encouraged to realize their agency to help others through the example set by our staff, the celebration of kindness children show their peers, and through social work in their surrounding communities. The children develop the skills, confidence and compassion they need to become future leaders and changemakers.

We aim to equip our children to become adults who can help themselves, their local communities and their countries. Like Pestalozzi, the man, we believe that charitable giving is only effective if people become independent and empowered.

Pestalozzi World Pestalozzi Ethos

Our teams are always looking for innovative ways to share the Pestalozzi values with more communities in Outreach. We use their expertise, and our facilities, to train others who care for children to maximise our social impact.

Our supporters directly contribute to 6 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Village Programmes

Educating in Zambia, India and Nepal.

Theory of Change

Nurturing children’s emotional wellbeing

Pestalozzi: Our Ethos

The philosophy of Pestalozzi

Selection Process

Discovering bright minds

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