Village Programmes

Our supporters believe that children's abilities are the same everywhere but opportunity isn't

Today our core programme involves the education of children in three ‘home from home’ Villages in Zambia, India and Nepal.

Regarded as centres of excellence for child-centered care, our Villages allow us to educate children in their country of origin cost effectively.

The children live in small family units with a Housemother who takes care of their material and emotional needs throughout their time in the Village. There are dedicated spaces for the completion of schoolwork, libraries, computer rooms and skills and activities fill the children’s days when they are not at school.

12 different nationalities are represented at the three Pestalozzi Villages contributing to diverse communities, cultural exposure and fostering tolerance.

Our Villages and centres are staffed exclusively by local people. Our expert caregiving staff include trained counsellors, social workers, experienced teachers and Alumni. This is because their understanding of their contexts is vital to caring for the children in culturally appropriate ways and because they best understand how to produce positive outcomes for our children in their countries.


The children receive in our Villages:

Pestalozzi World Pestalozzi Ethos


An excellent education

At top quality schools close to our Villages. Our Villages offer a conducive environment for learning and our children receive additional academic support from staff, Alumni and peers.

Pestalozzi World Children's Charity International


A nurturing environment

with child-centred care looking after their emotional and physical wellbeing. Encouraging them to take care of others and inspiring their ambition.

Pestalozzi World Pestalozzi Ethos


Practical Life Skills

Our children participate in many sports and hobbies to develop their personal interests and passions. They learn a variety of vocational and life skills to improve employability and to encourage independence.

See our Pestalozzi Villages in action below:

Meet our staff and children and take a tour of our beautiful Pestalozzi Villages:

Pestalozzi Village India

Pestalozzi Village Zambia

The Pestalozzi World Village Ethos and Approach, of the Head, Heart and Hands. Presented by Head of Programmes, Dr Joanna Nair.

Find out more about our Pestalozzi teaching methods:

Pestalozzi World has developed a comprehensive set of materials, toolkits and teaching aids to teach Pestalozzian values in a modern education setting.

Pestalozzi World Teaching Ideas

Pestalozzi Information Pack

Business Entrepreneurship Workshop Facilitator's Guide

Entrepreneurship Presentation

Discover more about our Pestalozzi Villages:

Below takes you to further information about each of our Villages.

Pestalozzi World Zambia

Pestalozzi Zambia

Located in Lusaka

Pestalozzi World Children's Charity International

Pestalozzi India

Located in Dehradun

Pestalozzi World Children's Charity International

Pestalozzi Nepal

Located in Pokhara

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