The Big Give 2022

It's almost time for the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2022 We are really excited to be taking part again this year and encourage you to do the same- with double the impact!!

What is the Big Give?

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is an annual matched funding campaign, where every donation given is doubled by the Big Give. Last year we were able to raise over £80,000 to support children in our programmes in India, Nepal and Zambia.

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What will my Big Give doubled donation be used for:

This year, our children have asked for additional resources to support their educational and personal development, so we are looking to raise funds for:

  • 5,200 new books for our Villages’ libraries 

    Your support can help inspire our children with their education and life skills by providing 5,200 new books for our Villages, covering requested topics such as: biographies, course specific textbooks, fiction, motivation and self-help, national history, IT, cookery and hobbies.

  • 62 new IT workstations for our Villages

    Your support will enable us to equip our children with the digital expertise they need to reach their potential for their academic and career aspirations. By providing 62 new IT workstations you can help our children’s development in computer literacy, equipping them for their education and beyond.

Thank you for supporting us through the Big Give Christmas Challenge

How can I get involved in and prepare for the Big Give 2022?

  • How to donate during the campaign?

    It is only possible to donate to our campaign during the specific Big Give dates and times, these are:
    12 noon GMT Tuesday 29th November until 12 noon GMT Tuesday 6th December.

  • Share this link!

    Please pass this link on to your friends and family and kindly ask for their support.

  • Fundraise in advance

    You can fundraise before the campaign starts but remember to donate during the campaign period for your donations to be doubled.

Message for Alumni in Thailand, Nepal, India and Zambia:

If you find that you are not able to use the Big Give payment gateway to give your donation (because it won’t accept your currency or bank details)  please get in contact with your local coordinator. 

They are aware of this possible problem and will be able to collect your donation beforehand, and they will then add the donation as one lump sum.

Please get in contact with your local coordinator at your Village to let them know of your donation. They will then send you the details for your donation.

Please do this before the end of the deadline date and time (12noon 6th December) so that we can guarantee that your donation gets doubled!

We are incredibly grateful for all donations. Thank you.❤️

Coordinators are as follows:

Zambia – Chikuku Musonda
India – Shelja Thakur
Nepal – Sabita Bhandar / Kiran Thami
Thailand -Chaiyan Tippayosot
 US – Bimala  Shrestha 

From our incredible team:

We know a good reader makes a good leader

Our children come from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds with little ambition to succeed as their environment has few role models to make them dream bigger. We know a good reader makes a good leader, and a well-equipped library inspires our children to dream and aspire for greatness and success.

— Clarence Mwami, Director Pestalozzi Zambia

Our children need to have access to the digital world

In the post-pandemic times, the “new normal” in education is more technology-driven. We have come to realize that our children need to engage in more effective learning environments after school hours. For this purpose, the Village needs to support them by providing better technology and services.

— Cheme Palden, Director Pestalozzi India

CEO James Haughton

We need to meet our children's aspirations

We are continually looking to adapt and modernise the programmes we offer to our children to meet their needs and aspirations. Your support with these vital educational resources will help our children reach their potential as individuals and as future change-makers in their communities.

— James Haughton, CEO

Richard's Story

In our three Pestalozzi Villages, in India, Zambia and Nepal, where we have decidated library and computer rooms, we will be able to provide our children with advanced computer technology so that they are not held back from leaning and developing  their skills in a computer lead digital age. 

This is what our children have requested, because they know and appreciate the benefits this will have to them.

Our children who are all extremely bright, are also desperate to progress with a great desire to understand and develop themselves personally. Therefore it is no surprise that they want more books on multiple subjects, from course topics, to self-help and hobbies. 

With your help, we really want to be able to give our children these tools to develop and succeed.

Meet Richard below, he is now one of our Alumni, and he highlights the real desperate need to develop skills in computer technology and his community – and why it matters. 

I want to be able to reduce computer literacy in my community.

“I want to study bachelors of Science in computer technology, and this is because I am passionate about standing up for, and helping other people just like I have been helped. I want to reduce computer illiteracy in my community, further, I want to teach them to be able to apply the skills in real live to improve their lifestyle just like I will be taught once I attain the knowledge in university.

The long term impact of your support:

As our students graduate and begin their careers, entire communities benefit from their support.


Pestalozzi World

62% of whom already hold a university or college qualification. Many more will soon graduate. 


Remain in their county of origin

90% have remained in their country of origin, contributing back to their communities. While 7% are studying overseas on scholarships while 3% have emigrated 


Contributing back to their societies

by falling into at least one of these three categories: working in careers of public service, volunteering in community programmes, or supporting family.


Thank you for taking this step to donate. Please select from the following:

Gifts collected by our UK and USA charities can be directed to any of our international partners. Contact Suzanne Davis  to provide us with your preference.

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