Fundraising Ideas:

This year, our children have asked for additional resources to support their educational and personal development, with new books and computer.

Here are some easy fundraising ideas to get you started:

  • Auction, a traditional auction of items or get friends to pledge a skill and auction them

  • Food, always popular as a fundraiser, hold a breakfast or buffet lunch, a bake sale or a charity dinner, invite your friends and colleagues to come along and ask for a donation

  • Fun run, whatever the distance, an organised run is a great way to raise funds and awareness of our cause. Charge people to enter or ask them to raise sponsorship

  • Sponsored events, any sports or challenge event is a great way to get friends and family to sponsor you, or be sponsored to give up something for a month - what would you choose?

  • Sweepstakes, choose a popular sporting event, run a sweepstake and charge a fee per entry – the winner receives a prize or a cut of the takings and the remainder goes to your fundraising total

  • Raffle, always popular!

  • Quiz, get together some teams to take on the challenge and charge them an entry fee.

  • Turn your workplace red for the day, to support Pestalozzi - choose a day where everyone wears an item of red clothing and makes a donation on the day

  • Matched giving, check if your employer offers matched giving for staff fundraising, and they may double the money you’ve raised

Don’t forget to use social media to let everyone know you’re supporting our Big Give Campaign. Share the link and please tag us in any photos or posts you share about your fundraising so we can like and share with all our followers! With your help, we can hit this target and provide the books and IT resources our students need! Thank you!

The Big Give 2022

It's almost time for the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2022 We are really excited to be taking part again this year and encourage you to do the same- with double the impact!!

What is the Big Give?

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is an annual matched funding campaign, where every donation given is doubled by the Big Give. Last year we were able to raise over £80,000 to support children in our programmes in India, Nepal and Zambia.

World Bank 2019a

The long term impact of your support:

As our students graduate and begin their careers, entire communities benefit from their support.


Pestalozzi World

62% of whom already hold a university or college qualification. Many more will soon graduate. 


Remain in their county of origin

90% have remained in their country of origin, contributing back to their communities. While 7% are studying overseas on scholarships while 3% have emigrated 


Contributing back to their societies

by falling into at least one of these three categories: working in careers of public service, volunteering in community programmes, or supporting family.


Thank you for taking this step to donate. Please select from the following:

Gifts collected by our UK and USA charities can be directed to any of our international partners. Contact Suzanne Davis  to provide us with your preference.

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