Refugee Selection

Brighter futures for refugee children

Globally the refugee crisis has been growing exponentially driven by conflict, persecution, and the climate crisis.

 At the end of 2021, of the 89.3 million forcibly displaced people, an estimated 36.5 million (41%) are children below 18 years of age.

Between 2018 and 2021, an average of between 350,000 and 400,000 children per year, were born into a refugee life.

26% of the world’s refugees are hosted in sub-Saharan Africa (over 18 million).

As refugees, children face even more barriers to accessing vital education and life opportunities. This is why 40% of the children Pestalozzi World select are from refugee communities. 12 different nationalities are represented at the three Pestalozzi Villages contributing to diverse communities.

To date, over 580 refugee children have graduated from our programme, all of whom understand the problems faced by fellow refugees, and are now equipped to take the lead as role models of change.

Many have gone on to support other refugees by sponsoring individual children, working in refugee camps on outreach education programmes, financially, and working towards roles in UNHCR. Our Alumni are becoming leaders and changemakers for their refugee communities.

"I am a refugee from Maheba Camp, in Zambia. At Pestalozzi, I learned how to use my Head, Heart and Hands to reach my full potential. I want to work for the UNHCR because I know what refugees need and want to help my community. I want to combat injustice and bring solutions to the problems that the world is facing today like wars and pandemics."
"I'm not Zambian, but I was born in Zambia, raised up in Zambia, and I did my education in Zambia. I was in Maheba camp where most refugees are received in Zambia. I'm proud to be Pestalozzi because I present them whenever I am. So five through grade twelve, I was Pestalozzi. And through this whole journey, I learned a lot with that philosophy of head, heart and hands. That's what represents Pestalozzi and that's what makes us sometimes stand out. And at most, we excel in whatever we do because of the philosophies. "

Village Programmes

Educating in Zambia, India and Nepal

Selection Process

How we select children to join our programme

Foundation House

How our children begin their journey with us

The Girl Effect

Giving opportunities to girls

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