Proof of Impact

We can prove life-transforming outcomes for our children, and their life-transforming impact on others.

Indian Alumni Reunion 2022

Our supporters have provided more than 11,800 years of child-centered education to our 1,456 Village Alumni and 485 current children. Our monitoring data points to our efficacy with most children independently accessing further study. Our programmes deliver a deep 7/8- year intervention with life-transforming outcomes.

70% of our Alumni fall into at least one of these categories:

Our Alumni are a new generation of teachers, health professionals, entrepreneurs, aid workers and leaders equipped with the knowledge, compassion and skills to impact their communities positively. We are creating a trail blazing group of pioneers inspiring those in their communities.

Our data demonstrates contributions from our Alumni towards all 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Our data proves that our Alumni are becoming leaders and change-makers in their communities 

YOU invest and educate - and our Alumni change their worlds.

Watch our Alumni Impact in their own words

This short film showcases the progression of our children from their childhoods, to joining our programme, to what they are now becoming.

The opening voice-over is by our Zambian Village Director, Clarence Mwami, followed by our new Board Chair, Brian Sitamulaho, and Head of the Pestalozzi School, Bamidele Akinbo.

We then catch up with four Alumni who graduated from our programme and now work in and around Lusaka, Zambia.

All have worked very hard to where they are today, and all of them are giving back and supporting others, as you will here.

Our Alumni in their own words:

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