World Maths Day at our Pestalozzi Zambian Village

On #Internationaldayofmathematics, (or #worldmathsday!) we spoke to some of our children at our Pestalozzi Zambian village to discover their favourite subjects, and almost all of them said their favourite subject was MATHS!

Even our youngest children interviewed here, said that they enjoyed maths the most, which is incredibly encouraging to hear as our youngest have only been studying maths for less than a year. Our children are selected between the ages of 10-11 years old to join our programme, and many of them have come from rural poverty, where even if they had attended schools the resources would have been very limited, so it is a joy to hear that our exceptionally bright children have already developed a love of maths!

To discover more about our Pestalozzi Zambian Village please click here.

Take a look below:

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