Student highlights from 2021

It’s pretty safe to say that it’s been a challenging year with the disruptions of the pandemic across the globe and all the adjustments we have had to make to our normal everyday lives.

But in spite of this, some pretty amazing things have happened for our students and our alumni that are really worth celebrating.

In no particular order we take a look back over some of the successes of the year…

🎓 Mary, from our Zambian village, was awarded a scholarship to study Bio-Chemistry. 

Mary is now studying Bio-Chemistry
Afonso wearing a Zam-Ango Music T-shirt

😎 Afonso Mulemba Fernando, Eugene Nsamba and Misheck Mukube, introduced us to Zam-Ango, an innovative music project set up at the Mayukyukwa refugee camp. Their goal is to unite youth in Southern Africa through music and video. 

Bevex signed to a professional football club

💥 Bevex Kapansa, also from our Zambian village, was signed to his new professional football club. 

Fundraising for others

🙂 Grade 12 students in Zambia made and sold tie dye t-shirts to help two fellow students buy suits for their graduation, while giving the left over money to a friend who was facing financial difficulties. 

🌾 Students at the Indian Village were involved in organic farming, producing crops of wheat, potatoes, peas, onions, garlic, beetroot, radish, okra & beans. 

Organic farming
Making paper bags to reduce plastic waste

👜 students at the Nepalese Village made paper bags from newspapers to distribute to the neighbourhood shops to help reduce the use of plastic. 


🌍 Regina, who graduated from our  Zambian Village, is now studying agriculture at Earth University in Costa Rica. Watch here to see how she is becoming a leader of change

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