“I think Pestalozzi is giving the best quality education to the children and that is one of the most important things”

Interview with Minakshi Rawat, Pharmaceutical Microbiologist come Pestalozzi Housemother.

Presenting this remarkable story from our newest housemother, Minakshi Rawat, who decided to change her life completely from being a pharma-microbiologist working for a large pharmaceutical company, with an excellent salary, to deciding she wanted to make a real change in society.

Minakshi had a technical job analysing drugs and medicines in a very corporate environment. Her work with life-saving drugs was saving lives, but the impact was so removed that it was hard to gain satisfaction from it.

With an interest in rural development and education, and a strong desire to support people from rural areas, like herself, she found us on Facebook and scrolled back as far as she could to decide whether we were actually changing lives. She concluded that we were, and so took on the position of housemother for class 9, where she could play a significant part in transforming their lives.

She describes it as ‘fascinating’ to see these children from economically deprived rural areas, transforming and getting places in the best schools in the country, a situation she said she could never imagine would have happened to her.

She said: “I feel that if I would have gotten that sort of education, that means, I would have been much better or far ahead from my present version. So that’s the most attractive factor.”

As to the change in working environment, she added: “It is absolutely different… I was being more paid in the pharmaceuticals, but here it’s more satisfactory, you are more relaxed. You don’t have to think about tomorrow’s audit.”

Thank you Minakshi, for giving us your story and for being interviewed.

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