My parents were very excited when I was selected for a scholarship with Pestalozzi World

Oneal, age 12 lives in our Zambian Village, Here is what they told us about their experience.

“My name is Oneal, and I am in grade 5. I am Congolese and I come from a refugee camp in Kaoma, Western Province of Zambia. I have three brothers, Omeri, Omedy, and Omari.

We had to run away from Congo because of the war. We started off going to Namibia. However, as my brothers and I did not have passports the immigration officials suspected my parents of child trafficking and arrested us all and sent us to prison for six months.

Eventually, we were taken to the refugee camp where we given a small plot of land to build a house on.

But life in the camp is not so good and finding food is very difficult. At home my mother sells vegetables. I like helping my mother with the housework and playing football with my brothers, I also like reading. I want to be a pilot when I finish school.

My parents and I were very excited when I was selected for a scholarship at the Pestalozzi Zambian Village. I promise to work very hard so that I can make them proud.”

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