A love for mathematics and a childhood ambition that came true.

Meet our Almuna Fridah Magaba.

Fridah, as a young girl in Year 8 and then today.

From a very young age Fridah always knew she wanted to become an accountant (we have proof of this in a small clip unearthed from 2014 showing Fridah as a saying exactly this!) She gained brilliant grades in her final year 12 and not long after graduating, she was offered an internship with an accountancy firm in Lusaka.

Fridah is from a village in the Eastern Province, called Lundasi, where she grew up with her family who are subsistence farmers. She was selected by Pestalozzi World and invited to come and live in our Zambian Village, as the consent of her family.

Fast forward 9 years, and Fridah is an auditor for a chartered accountancy firm in Lusaka, Zambia, which she was offered soon after graduating from high school. In her short video below, she talks about the support she has received and what her life might have been like is she hadn’t been selected to join our programme.

But we will let her tell the rest of her story…

Thank you Fridah, for offering to do this interview with us. Thank you also to PKF Chartered accountants, for letting us use their grounds for the interview and for their kind welcome.

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