Alumni Impact Awards 2021

Our Alumni contribute in many ways to the education of the children at our Villages. This year we decided that it is high time to acknowledge that and to let them know how much we value everything you do for the children we care for. We have three tiers of awards starting at Bronze. Our local colleagues have helped us to finalise the names.

In this first year we award Bronze Impact Awards to 42 alumni. All have made outstanding contributions to the PestalozziWorld community

28 have been awarded with Silver Impact Awards, many having made sustained and multi-faceted contributions to our programmes. Thank you all.

Finally, in this inaugural and retrospective awards we have 8 recipients of the Gold Impact Awards. These individuals have made extraordinary contributions in a plethora of different ways. They epitomise Pestalozzian Values and we thank them for all they have done.

We know we may have missed some worthy recipients and are also interested to receive nominations for voluntary contributions to communities beyond Pestalozzi World. Please find the nomination form here.

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