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Our supporters believe that children's abilities are the same everywhere, but opportunity isn't.

Hello 👋 and welcome to our Pestalozzi Alumni Community page!

All of our Alumni are incredible in many different ways. We want to keep our Alumni connected to each other and to us, to share experiences and successes, as well as look at ways of helping more children in India, Africa and Nepal through our Pestalozzi World programme.

We also want to encourage our Alumni to help our current students on their journey’s post Pestalozzi World.

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Pestalozzi World Proof of Impact

You, our Alumni are changing the world!

We want to tell the world about your achievements, successes, and lives since leaving Pestalozzi.

It is very important that our donors and supporters hear and understand your journeys, as this is what they give for: for better lives, for the chance to change an individual, a family and a community’s lives. 

Even the smallest acts of kindness to owning your own company, can have a ripple effect, and it can be life-changing, we know that as Pestalozzi graduates you believe deeply in giving back, it’s how you grew up and continue living.

It is your impact that convinces donors to give their money to Pestalozzi World and we hope you can help us convince more people to support more children and to always improve our facilities in the Villages.

Please keep your details up to date with us so that we can show the world accurate data that proves that our Alumni go far.

Please find below a secure link to provide your information to us.

thank you.

Alumni catch up:

Alumni Webinar with Muloongo Muchelemba

How you can understand your strengths and weaknesses and apply that understanding to your further education and career choices with Muloongo Muchelemba.

In 2018, Scientists discovered that a person’s biggest regrets come from not pursuing their dreams and letting themselves down, rather than what others expect of them.

This webinar recording provokes you to think about your purpose and how that can shape your future path.

Buddy Scheme:

Find out more about how you can help senior students:

Alumni Coordinators

Our 3 Villages all have direct Alumni Coordinators:  

Shelja Thakur Indian Village    

Chikuku Musonda Zambian Village          

Sabita Bhandari Nepalese Village


Do you have a story to tell?

Your story can send a powerful message, not only to fellow students who can  look up to you as a role model, but also to potential donors, who will be inspired by your story of success and will want to give to help more young children become successful adults, like you, capable of changing the world. If you have a story you are happy to share, we would really like to hear form you. 

Please email Donna –

Alternatively please feel free to connect with Donna via LinkedIn she would be delighted to hear from you. 


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