Helping to support children in local communities with our Pestalozzi ethos

Pestalozzi World has supported non-selective, non-residential programmes since our inception in 1995.

Our teams are always looking for innovative ways to share the Pestalozzi values with more communities, often through partnerships with existing schools or other partners.

The programmes chosen for support fall into at least one part of the Head (academic opportunity), Heart (child-centered) and Hands (vocational skills) ethos. Wherever possible, we ensure that facility utilisation is high and the competencies of our staff are leveraged to train others who care for children.


children have benefitted from Pestalozzi funded outreach programmes

Case Study - Edulution

Edulution is a social enterprise partially funded by Pestalozzi World. Its innovative tablet-based numeracy learning programme has impacted more than 40,000 Learners. In Zambia, primary school learners are, on average, 2 – 3 years behind their grade level. The Learners are enrolled in the programme for one year and attend for 3 to 4 hours a week in groups of 30 to 50.

Learners use tablets to do an initial assessment and then, facilitated by the Coach and guided by the software, engage with appropriate interactive exercises and videos, working at their own pace to achieve mastery before moving to the next level. Technology enables the active, self-paced, mastery part, and the Coaches provide a fun and supported environment. Two Coaches facilitate the sessions and are guided by ‘live’ analytical data to facilitate effective learning.

Not only was Edulution’s first centre based at our Zambian Village, but many of their coaches are Pestalozzi Alumni. They work in their rural communities, acting as role models and changemakers. The technology operates offline & off-grid, often in remote rural areas. Data is fed back to all stakeholders – Coaches, programme managers, outcome funders, principals, parents, Learners and other authorised stakeholders.


Pestalozzi World Alumni

Edulution believes that there are four components to effective learning: children need to be actively engaged, work at their own pace, and achieve mastery before progressing and learning with fun. As well as these principles, Edulution shares Pestalozzi World’s emphasis on the effective use of data. It guides the Learner journey, monitoring and incentivising stakeholders & Coaches, and produces actionable intelligence that drives their learning programmes.

An independent evaluation by the Swiss Educational Innovation Network (SNBI) in 2021 found that Edulution learners outperformed their peers in mathematics by 23 percentile ranks. The study also found that learners improved in maths and all other subjects compared to their peers. All of this is delivered for around $100 per child per year.

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