Our Ethos

Our ethos of the Head, Heart and Hand's, underpins everything we do.

Our ethos is underpinned by the philosophy of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, (1746-1827) widely regarded as the 'Father of Modern Education', who focused on providing a practical and child-centered education to poor children.

Pestalozzi’s holistic Head, Heart and Hands approach to education influenced many, including Montesorri. It is an evidenced and valuable tool for social change.

Pestalozzi World has developed a comprehensive set of materials, toolkits and teaching aids to teach Pestalozzian values in a modern education setting. At our Pestalozzi Villages, children are brought up with a Housemother and other staff creating the atmosphere of a home from home.

This nurturing relationship between staff and children, along with the example set by our staff and the celebration of kindness shown to their peers, all help the children to develop confidence, skills and compassion. We encourage the children to reflect the care and compassion they are shown in our Villages by demonstrating those qualities through social work projects in the surrounding communities.

This encourages them to realise their agency to help others, becoming role models and changemakers in their communities as they give back.

Like Pestalozzi, the man, we believe that charitable giving is only effective if people become independent and empowered. Our aim is to equip the children to become adults who can help themselves, their local communities and their countries.

Pestalozzi World Toolkit:

Pestalozzi World Teaching Ideas

Pestalozzi World Information Pack

Pestalozzi Orientation Manual

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Philosophy of Education

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