Children across the world are living in rural poverty with no access to a quality education.

With your support, Pestalozzi World is giving these children the education they need to radically change their lives, their families and communities lives for the better.

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We believe that children's abilities are the same everywhere, but opportunity isn't.

Pestalozzi World is a children’s charity that provides bright children from some of the poorest communities in Africa and Asia with a child-centred education, that produces young adults capable of changing the world.

Today our programme involves the education of 485 children in three ‘home from home’ Villages in Zambia, India and Nepal. 

Children are selected by our teams of experts who work with communities to select the brightest 10-year-old children, two girls for each boy.

With the consent of their parents, these children join our Villages, where they are cared for by loving housemothers.

Every child is provided with daily nutritious meals, clothes for school and play, and access to sports and hobbies, all in a beautiful garden surround.

Our children are provided with places at top schools close to the Village. Their academic education is taken very seriously as within the Villages are areas for quiet study, and access to a library and laptops.

We see a world where every child’s innate talents, empathy, and rich diversity of lived-experience are nurtured. Where education instills the power to make informed decisions, fuels the fire of ambition, and inspires everyone to look beyond their horizons to propel humanity forward.

Pestalozzi World is a Family of not-for-profit organizations. All organizations operate as separate legal entities but share standard policies on philosophy and purpose.

The Pestalozzi World family is coordinated by the UK and includes Pestalozzi Charities in the USA, Switzerland, Zambia, India and Nepal.

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi’s educational philosophy is vital to our programmes’ success and marks us out from other charities that educate children.

Meet our entire team below:

Whether you have a strategic interest in supporting our work worldwide or in focusing on a specific local programme, our dedicated philanthropy team will help match your interests to the area where your donation can have the greatest sustainable social impact.


Our Mission

Our work directly contributes to the UN’s SDGs:
Ending poverty
Providing quality education to all.

Education changes lives

We want to give every child living in poverty access to the education they deserve.

We believe that by educating children to the summit of their abilities we can bring about change – change that doesn’t stop with them.

The right education challenges and inspires, transforms thoughts and ideas, develops a personality,  grows compassion and understanding, gives answers to questions, sees the bigger picture,  plays and has fun.

It guides, gives hope  and creates charity. 

Children who come through our educational programme receive an excellent academic education and skills for life, guided by our Pestalozzi ethos leading them to become responsible citizens of the world.

The knock-on effect is with compassion and intelligence, they improve the lives of others around them  and become trailblazers in their communities.

"Pestalozzi's unique approach to education shapes children into valuable contributors to society. It's methodology cultivates a supportive environment where students develop intellectually, morally, and socially. By highlighting the whole child rather than academic achievement alone, Pestalozzi's system fosters empowered, compassionate, and engaged citizens."
Pestalozzi World Alumni Success
Edna Ngalasa (Pestalozzi Alumna)
Applied Compuer Technology Student Cybersecurity & Software Developer
Pestalozzi World Children's Charity International

“Pestalozzi’s system fosters empowered, compassionate, and engaged citizens.”

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Achievements to date:


children currently being educated at Pestalozzi Villages

We educate in the children’s country of origin, to educate as many children as we can at the lowest cost possible.    

1000 +

Pestalozzi World

62% of whom already hold a university or college qualification. Many more will soon graduate. 


children educated in outreach programmes since 2015

Each year, thousands of children improve their reading, writing and math skills through our innovative outreach programmes. 

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Philanthropic giving

We provide homes in beautiful gardens for our children to live happily. House mothers look after them 24 hours a day

Become a corporate partner

We provide partner schools close to our Villages to educate our children to a high standard. We provide extra tuition and rooms to study.

Add education to your Will

Make a lasting impact on the lives of people for generations to come.

You invest and educate

And they change their worlds

The long-term social impact of your investment:

Our Alumni go on to become leaders, trailblazers, pioneers and they invest back into their communities.

Pestalozzi Alumni

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