can you give the gift of a brighter future to exceptional children in rural poverty?

Whether you have a strategic interest in supporting our work worldwide or in focusing on a specific local programme, our dedicated philanthropy team will help match your interests to the area where your donation can have the greatest sustainable social impact.

Why we exist?

We exist because our supporters believe that children’s abilities are the same everywhere but opportunity is not.

Our expert teams working in India, Zambia and Nepal, identify and nurture marginalised children with the greatest potential to become the new leaders and change-makers in their local communities.

We combine our global expertise with our local teams’ experience and knowledge, to provide these children with a cost-effective, child-centred education at one of our Villages in their country of origin.

To date our supporters have provided:

  • 1,800 alumni and the 485 children we are currently looking after with a total of 14,600 years of education.

  • In outreach programmes, our supporters’ investment has seeded social enterprises and funded a further 32,000 children with year-long programmes. 


Our monitoring shows the effectiveness of our life-transforming programmes for our Alumni, leading to exceptionally high educational attainment and career paths that give back to their communities and countries, through public service, volunteering, entrepreneurship and financial support for others.

We are looking for new philanthropists to join us in developing and delivering new sustainable Village programmes.

We’ll work closely with you to identify project areas of interest, providing reporting and updates from our local teams and children, and ensuring you can see the impact of your philanthropy investment.

Pestalozzi World Zambia Village

By partnering with us, you can help more marginalised young people realise their full potential and that of their local communities.

If you would like to find out more about how you can help provide life transforming opportunities to more children, please contact our Head of Philanthropy at We look forward to speaking with you.

Suzanne Davis Head of Philanthropy Pestalozzi World

Head of Philanthropy

Suzanne Davis

The long term impact of your support:

As our students graduate and begin their careers, entire communities benefit from their support.


Pestalozzi World Alumni

62% of whom already hold a university or college qualification. Many more will soon graduate. 


Remain in their county of origin

90% have remained in their country of origin, contributing back to their communities. While 7% are studying overseas on scholarships while 3% have emigrated 


Contributing back to their societies

by falling into at least one of these three categories: working in careers of public service, volunteering in community programmes, or supporting family.

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