Imagine a world...

... where the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow truly understand the issues humanity faces, having had lived experience of poverty, marginalisation and discrimination, and who are equipped with the tools and the compassion needed to solve them.

Your Donation

Our supporters, like you,  are the only people unlocking opportunities for the children we educate to achieve their full potential. 

100% of your donation goes directly to the children

All of our administrative expenses are funded by our trustees, therefore, your entire donation goes to the care and education of our children. 


A worldwide challenge

Schools are often inadequate or under-resourced.

Around 53% of children in low-and middle-income countries cannot read and understand a simple story by the end of primary school.

World Bank 2019a

Millions of children are forced to work to support their family.

63 million girls and 97 million boys were in child labour globally at the beginning of 2020.

Unicef and ILO 2020

Girls are often the first to lose their right to an education.

Globally, 1 in 5 women 20 to 24 years of age were married in childhood. UN SDG Snapshot 2020

UN SDG Snapshot 2020

The long term impact of your support:

As our students graduate and begin their careers, entire communities benefit from their support.


Pestalozzi World

60% of whom already hold a university or college qualification. Many more will soon graduate. 


Remain in their county of origin

88% of our Alumni have remained in their country of origin, contributing back to their communities. While 9% are studying overseas on scholarships.


Contributing back to their societies

by falling into at least one of these three categories: working in careers of public service, volunteering in community programmes, or supporting family.


Thank you for taking this step to donate. Please select from the following:

Gifts collected by our UK and USA charities can be directed to any of our international partners. Contact Suzanne Davis  to provide us with your preference.

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