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Our Mission, with your support, is to provide exceptionally bright children from backgrounds of extreme poverty with a child-centred education, that produces young adults capable of changing the world.

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Gifts collected by our UK and USA charities can be directed to any of our international partners. Contact Suzanne Davis  to provide us with your preference.

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How your gift will transform lives:

Today our Pestalozzi World core programme involves the education of children in three ‘home from home’ Villages in India, Zambia and Nepal. Regarded as centres of excellence for child-centred care, our Villages allow us to cost effectively educate children in their country of origin.

Without the support of donors like you, our children would face High School completion rates of just 3% in Zambia and 13% in India (UNESCO UIS 2019z). Almost none would achieve a university qualification.

Thanks to our supporters, our Alumni are 3 times more likely in India and 11 times more likely in Zambia to achieve a university or college qualification than national averages.

None of this would be possible without our generous supporters.

Can you give a gift that will transform more lives, and help overcome barriers of poverty and gender prejudice?

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