Our 'Help Them Unwrap Their Brighter Futures' campaign starts on the 21st of November
and runs for 2 weeks until the 5th of December 2023.

Welcome to our Big Give ‘Help Them Unwrap their Brighter Futures’ campaign.

Where all donations will be doubled!

We are excited to share a fantastic opportunity to make a profound impact on the lives of young learners and we would love you to be a part of it.

For two weeks starting the 21st November to the 5th December, we are running a special Match Funding campaign, Help Them Unwrap Their Brighter Futures, for children who live in rural poverty.

Every donation made to Pestalozzi World on our campaign page during this period will be matched, effectively doubling the impact of your contribution.

This means your support will go twice as far in providing quality education and opportunities for children in Zambia, India and Nepal.

We believe that children’s abilities are the same everywhere, but opportunity isn’t. Even the brightest children are held back by extreme rural poverty, early marriage, inadequate local schools, displacement due to conflict and the pressure to work and earn a living. 40% of the young people we work with are refugees and two-thirds are girls, reflecting the additional barriers and pressures these groups face in accessing a quality education.

Your generosity can help us reach more children, giving these children the opportunity to leave behind the difficulties they face and move to one of our Pestalozzi Villages where they receive an excellent education, a nurturing environment, and practical life skills.

The Big Give provides annual match funding opportunities, where every donation given is doubled by the Big Give. Last year we were able to raise over £80,000 to support children in our programmes in India, Nepal and Zambia.

What will my Big Give doubled donation be used for:

Your donation will help support all three of our Villages, in Zambia, India and Nepal. It will provide more places for additional children, allow us to employ new staff to develop the wellbeing of our children in the Village, it will provide more textbooks for lessons, skills classes to broaden their horizons, and much much more. 

Take a look at what goes on in our Villages here:

Hear from our Alumni

We are creating a pioneering, trailblazing group of individuals to be inspiring role models in their communities. Our Alumni are becoming a new generation of teachers, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, aid workers and leaders equipped with the knowledge, compassion and skills to positively impact their communities.

From our incredible team:

We know a nurturing environment makes for a great leader

Our children come from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds with little ambition to succeed as their environment has few role models to make them dream bigger. We know a high quality education in a nurturing environment can make for a great leader in the future, and a well-equipped Village and school, inspires our children to dream and aspire for greatness and success.

— Clarence Mwami, Director Pestalozzi Zambia

We better equip them with what they need to lead a good life

Our children are selected for being highly intelligent, and then when we bring them here, we provide them with a holistic education and we bring them up in a multicultural, diverse community where they learn how to be accepting of other people and not be judgmental. And also we provide them with good skills that could last them a life, a good education, and then good moral values and ethics for life. So I just feel our children are exceptional because we better equip them with what they need to lead a good life.

Because of the environment that we provide them with a nurturing, loving environment, a safe environment whereby the children feel cared for, loved for, and listened to, and they form bonds with the staff. And I feel if they have that, then I think anything makes them happy.

— Cheme Palden, Director Pestalozzi India

CEO James Haughton

We need to meet our children's aspirations

We are continually looking to adapt and modernise the programmes we offer to our children to meet their needs and aspirations. Your support for our Villages will help our children reach their potential as individuals and as future change-makers in their communities.

— James Haughton, CEO

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Pestalozzi World Zambia Village
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Pestalozzi World Zambia Alumni

Our Alumni are changing the world.

Prisca's Story

Midwife for the Ministry of Health, a Clinical Instructor for General Nursing and Midwifery students, and is a trained Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Provider.

Pestalozzi Alumni

"Working as a Midwife has played a crucial role in benefiting my community and the country at large.''

Prisca has helped thousands of women in rural Zambia during their pregnancies and labour, along side also advising and supporting thousands more teenagers in understanding their sexual health. With 54.5% of the population of Zambia living under the poverty line and with a population average age of 16.9, and with an AIDs crisis and with almost 100,000 orphans and vulnerable children, this advice couldn’t be more important to the young people in her community.

How can I get involved in and prepare for the Big Give match funding campaign 2023?

Do not miss this chance to double your impact!
Donate now and help more children unwrap their brighter futures.

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