We work with communities to select the brightest children held back by poverty. With the encouragement of their families, we offer these children the opportunity to move to one of the Pestalozzi Villages

Pestalozzi Children's Village Nepal

Pokhara, Nepal

The PestalozziWorld Village in Pokhara, Nepal is the newest Village. Launched in 2016, this growing Village now serves 37 students, recruited from 11 rural villages across Nepal. 

It is located in Nepal’s second-largest city, Pokhara, which is home to many good schools, in seven of which PestalozziWorld scholars are enrolled.

At the Village, PestalozziWorld alumni of the Indian Village alumni carry out all the administration, teaching and skills’ programmes.

In addition to school attendance each weekday, Village residents carpentry, cookery and electronics as well as community service in the form of neighbourhood cleaning and visits to old people’s homes.

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