We work with communities to select the brightest children held back by poverty. With the encouragement of their families, we offer these children the opportunity to move to one of the Pestalozzi Villages

Pestalozzi Children's Village India

Dehradun, India

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas,  the Indian city of Dehradun is home to Pestalozzi World’s Indian Village which was established in 2004.

It is a home away from home for 90 girls and 48 boys. About one-third of its children are Indian, one-third are from Nepal, and the families of the other third are Tibetan refugees. 

Dehradun is also home to a number of high-quality secondary schools which are pleased to enroll Pestalozzi World students. Every morning, the children travel to these schools by bus.

In the evenings after school and at weekends they play sports such as football and volleyball; tend to their organic gardens; learn skills such as carpentry, cookery and needlework; participate in clubs such as art, dance and drama; and help prepare meals and keep their surroundings clean and well maintained.

Many children in the Village sing in a choir and take music lessons. Tutors come to the village in the evening to help students with school work.

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