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We work with communities to select the brightest children held back by poverty. With the encouragement of their families, we offer these children the opportunity to move to one of our Pestalozzi Villages

Pestalozzi Children's Villages

In poor rural areas of India, Nepal and Zambia our expert teams work with local communities to select the brightest 10 year old children (two girls for each boy). These children come from 12 different countries. Many are refugees. Without your support, they would be unable to realise their potential in local schools and under conditions of poverty.

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Pestalozzi Children's Village India

Dehradun, India

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas,  the Indian city of Dehradun is home to Pestalozzi World’s Indian Village which was established in 2004.

It is a home away from home for 90 girls and 48 boys. About one-third of its children are Indian, one-third are from Nepal, and the families of the other third are Tibetan refugees. 

Dehradun is also home to a number of high-quality secondary schools which are pleased to enrol Pestalozzi World children. Every morning, the children travel to these schools by bus.

In the evenings after school and at weekends they: play sports such as football and volleyball; tend their organic gardens; learn skills such as carpentry, cookery and needlework; participate in clubs such as art, dance and drama; and help prepare meals and keep their surroundings clean and well maintained.

Many children in our Village sing in a choir and take music lessons. Tutors come to our Village in the evening to help children with schoolwork.

Pestalozzi Children's Village Zambia

Lusaka, Zambia

The Pestalozzi World Zambian Village has been operating on two sites in Lusaka, Zambia, for more than a decade. 

About two-thirds of the children selected for the programme come from rural villages in all provinces of Zambia; and about one-third of the children are from refugee camps and neighbouring countries including Malawi, Angola, Burundi, Congo and Rwanda.

Our children start their journey with Pestalozzi World in Kasisi, on the outskirts of Lusaka. Here they spend their first two years learning the Pestalozzi World way.

After two years, they then move to our main Zambian Village in Ibex Hill, also in Lusaka. Due to a shortage of high-quality education options in Lusaka, Pestalozzi World launched a school next to our Village that the children attend. 

After the school day has ended, they play sports on the field they share with the school and return to our Village to tend to their large organic garden. They also help to prepare food and to clean and maintain the facilities.

Most of the children must travel by car or bus for 3-12 hours when they go home on school holidays.

Pestalozzi Children's Village Nepal

Pokhara, Nepal

Our Pestalozzi World Village in Pokhara, Nepal is our newest Village. Launched in 2016, this growing Village now serves 40 students, recruited from 11 rural villages across Nepal. 

It is located in Nepal’s second-largest city, Pokhara, which is home to many good schools, in seven of which Pestalozzi World children are enrolled.

At the Village, Pestalozzi World Alumni of the Indian Village carry out all the administration, teaching and skills programmes.

In addition to school attendance each weekday, children learn carpentry, cookery and electronics as well as take part in community service in the form of neighbourhood cleaning and visits to old people’s homes.


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