The Pestalozzi World Family

Our supporters believe that children's abilities are the same everywhere, but opportunity isn't.

Pestalozzi World is a Family of not-for-profit organizations. All organizations operate as separate legal entities but share standard policies on philosophy and purpose.

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi’s educational philosophy is vital to our programmes’ success and marks us out from other charities that educate children.

The primacy of local Boards, and their executives, in exercising control over their organizations is an enshrined principle of governance in our Family. Fundraising Trusts exist in the USA, Switzerland and the UK, and our implementing Trusts are in Zambia, India and Nepal. Pestalozzi World seeded the Thai Pestalozzi Foundation which is now self-sufficient.

Pestalozzi World family locations across the world:

Pestalozzi World Locations

Pestalozzi World

  • 7 - Associated Trusts
  • 485 - Children cared for at Pestalozzi Views
  • £2,600 - Average cost per child at the Villages
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