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Our supporters believe that children's abilities are the same everywhere, but opportunity isn't.

Without prejudice to the control of Boards over their organisations, the UK Board provides strategic direction, particularly around investments/sustainability.

To aid communication and exchange, each local Board Meeting is joined by an Observer (Board Member of one of our Fundraising Trusts).

The UK executive coordinates Family exchange, reports to our donors and provides key competencies to build the capacity of our local partners in furtherance of their Sustainability Plans:

Our Zambian children are 28x

more likely to finish High School than averages in the rural areas they come from


Our UK-based team has over 40 years of experience in monitoring international programmes. We visit programmes annually to complete a comprehensive governance and compliance checklist. We also gather quantitative and qualitative data on our current students and our Alumni to monitor their outcomes. Our comprehensive data set allows us to demonstrate our approach is producing the results we are aiming for. This data is benchmarked against world-class data sources like the UN/World Bank.

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Evaluation & Learning

Annually, we compile the latest data sets and produce Impact Reports which feed into our website and Annual Reports. Our database of our current students and Alumni runs to over 60,000 data points. Interviews provide qualitative data and are published on our website.

The International Alumni Council is critical in evaluating our monitoring data, working with the UK/Overseas staff to interpret trends and convert evaluation into learning. They suggest improvements to the way we operate as a family. This consultation greatly enhances our operations. A vital element of the Pestalozzi approach is empowering children to have agency in their education. We regularly undertake surveys among the children, have suggestion boxes at all of our sites and have Child Councils where the children are given agency over matters of concern. This also informs family wide practices. Significant changes are always discussed with the children before implementation.

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