Annual Report

In areas where poverty, gender discrimination, poor schooling and the pressure to work limit children’s opportunities to learn, your support enables Pestalozzi World to select the brightest children – at least two girls for each boy – house them in nurturing residential villages, and provide them with exceptional care and the education that their potential deserves.

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The long term impact of your support:

As our students graduate and begin their careers, entire communities benefit from their support.


Pestalozzi World

60% of whom already hold a university or college qualification. Many more will soon graduate. 


Remain in their county of origin

88% of our Alumni have remained in their country of origin, contributing back to their communities. While 9% are studying overseas on scholarships.


Contributing back to their societies

by falling into at least one of these three categories: working in careers of public service, volunteering in community programmes, or supporting family.