Pestalozzi World Children's Charity

We work with communities to select the brightest children held back by poverty. With the encouragement of their families, we offer these children the opportunity to move to one of the Pestalozzi Villages

Why Pestalozzi World Children's Trust?

Pestalozzi World Children’s Trust is an educational children charity. We provide education along with accomodation to exceptionally bright children from areas of extreme poverty across the globe.

We select children at 10 years of age, from some of the poorest regions in the world, provide them with accommodation in our Pestalozzi Villages and provide for their education until they are 18 years old.

Pestalozzi World currently works in Zambia, India and Nepal with children from backgrounds of extreme poverty.Pestalozzi 

Held back

All the children we work with are held back by racial inequalities, gender stereotypes, poor education, or the pressure to work to earn a living, all limiting their opportunities and chances of gaining at education that would allow them to  reach their potential.

We intake more girls...

Ensuring that girls get a secondary education is one of the most effective ways to avert child marriage, early pregnancy and unemployment.
This is why two out of every three children we select are female.


We give our children the opportunity to reach their full academic potentials, to learn additional skills to support themselves when they leave us, as well as guiding them to be compassionate and confident individuals, ultimately changing their lives and the lives of those around them.

Changing lives and your support

We know our programme works as we see every year our students succeeding in getting top grades in all of their subject  and many going on to be given scholarships at universities. 
Our student often comment on how grateful they are for the change in their circumstances and they really appreciate and feel blessed by their Pestalozzi opportunity. They make friends for life and have a strong Pestalozzi support network.

Many of our alumni also go on to support other siblings through education and support their families and wider communities.

Please watch Denise (alumnus from 2012) explain what she has been working on back in her community, as an example of what they are achieving once they have left our care.

To carry on changing children’s lives we do need more support, please donate or get in contact if you would like to support us further. 

Pestalozzi world children's charity
Pestalozzi World works in Zambia, India, and Nepal with children who live in extreme poverty. Children that are recognised at being exceptionally bright are selected to join the Pestalozzi programme.

What are Pestalozzi children's villages?

Pestalozzi children’s villages are the physical locations where we have accommodation for our students. When they leave their families, they come and stay with us in our children’s villages, which consist of their communal male and female bedrooms, a central hub where all the children congregate for activities, a kitchen where their food is prepared for all of their meals, a computer room for studying, outdoor play areas, and staff accommodation.

What is the Pestalozzi Village?

The Pestalozzi Villages are the onsite accommodation that we provide to our children. They consist of their bedrooms, kitchen, staff accommodation and communal activity areas. Pestalozzi World currently supports three villages across the world, one in Zambia, one in India and one in Nepal. We have previously managed villages in Malawi and Thailand – they became self-sufficient, therefore no longer needed our assistance.

Here is a look into our village in Zambia

Here is some of our younger children discussing their favourite subjects to study (maths is a firm favourite!)

Child-centred care at the Pestalozzi Villages

Pestalozzi world children's charity
Pestalozzi world children's charity

Pestalozzi Children's Village Zambia

Lusaka, Zambia

The Pestalozzi World Zambian Village has been operating on two sites in Lusaka, Zambia, for more than a decade. 

About two-thirds of the children selected for the programme come from rural villages from all provinces of Zambia; and about one-third of the students are from refugee camps and neighbouring countries including Malawi, Angola, Burundi, Congo, and Rwanda.

Our students start their journey with Pestalozzi World in Kasisi, on the outskirts of Lusaka. Here they spend their first two years learning the Pestalozzi World way.

Pestalozzi Children's Village India

Dehradun, India

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas,  the Indian city of Dehradun is home to Pestalozzi World’s Indian Village which was established in 2004.

It is a home away from home for 90 girls and 48 boys. About one-third of its children are Indian, one-third are from Nepal, and the families of the other third are Tibetan refugees. 

Dehradun is also home to a number of high-quality secondary schools which are pleased to enroll PestalozziWorld students. Every morning, the children travel to these schools by bus.

Pestalozzi Children's Village Nepal

Pokhara, Nepal

The PestalozziWorld Village in Pokhara, Nepal is the newest Village. Launched in 2016, this growing Village now serves 37 students, recruited from 11 rural villages across Nepal. 

It is located in Nepal’s second-largest city, Pokhara, which is is home to seven schools in which PestalozziWorld scholars are enrolled.

At the Village, all aspects of administration, teaching, and skills are carried out by PestalozziWorld alumni who graduated from our programme. 

In addition to school attendance each weekday…

Pestalozzi World is the creation of Sir Richard Butler

Sir Richard became a social entrepreneur following a distinguished career in international banking with The First Boston Corporation and Blyth, Eastman Dilon, processor US banks of Credit Suisse and the UBS. After learning about the transforming power of the Pestalozzi approach for children from the world’s neediest regions, he led the creation of the PestalozziWorld Villages in Africa and Asia.

Over the past five years, he has worked with the founder of Edulution to bring tablet-based education to thousands of rural children and refugees in southern Africa.

How you can help Pestalozzi World?

We are on the look out for people that want to be apart of what we do, because they want to make a change to society and see children’s lives changing for the better.

If you are at that change in your life or career where you are wanting to make an impact on the world, please get in touch.

There are many ways that you can support us:

  • by giving a financial contribution
  • giving your time
  • expertise and skills

The resources you could bring to Pestalozzi World Children’s Charity will be extremely valuable to us and we would appreciate all that you can give in any way that you decide to.

To find out more about being a modern philanthropist, please read our article linked below, or contact CEO James Haughton

We look forward to hearing from you.

Quick Questions about Pestalozzi World:

What is Pestalozzi Trust?

Pestalozzi World Children’s Trust, is the UK registered charity name. Pestalozzi World is a family of non-profit organisations that provides exceptional children from some of the poorest communities in Africa and Asia with a unique education that produces young adults capable of changing the world.

Who looks after the children at Pestalozzi World villages?

In all three countries that we currently work in, we employ a large team that supports the children. This includes ‘house mothers’ that look after the children on a daily basis. They support them will all emotional and wellbeing issues, as well as making sure they are up on time in the morning!

We then have matrons who manage the whole team and the successful running of the villages and organise their extra cirricular activities as well as looking after any mental health issues including counselling to help any child who may be suffering. 

They manage the complete picture of wellbeing for the children, such as, that they are receiving the correct diet, that the children feel that they ar ein a kind and loving environment, and their model is ‘home’ 

We also have pastoral officers, that conduct all of the child safe guarding. Please listen to our pastoral officer, Mwingi explaining her job role within our Zambian village.  

The Pastoral Officer is an incredibly important role within our Pestalozzi villages. They are responsible for the wellbeing and safeguarding of all the children in our care.

What is Johann Pestalozzi Known for?

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, was a Swiss social reformer and educator, known as the Father of Modern Education. The modern era of education started with him and his spirit and ideas led to the great educational reforms in Europe in the nineteenth century. 

He was the first to realise that all children had the right to education, and that education should be delivered in a positive environment rather than a punishable one. 

He also believed that if children learnt to develop more than just their academic skills then they would grow into more capable adults when they had a well rounded education. He felt all children should develop their  their ‘heart’ and ‘hands’ as well as their ‘heads’, meaning practical  life skills and an emotional education was also very important.

What was Pestalozzi's philosophy of education?

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What is the Pestalozzi method?

Pestalozzi believed that education should develop the powers of ‘Head’, ‘Heart’ and ‘Hands’. He believed that this would help create individuals who are capable of knowing what is right and what is wrong and of acting according to this knowledge. Thus the wellbeing of every individual could be improved and each individual could become a responsible citizen. He believed that empowering and ennobling every individual in this way was the only way to improve society and bring peace and security to the world. His aim was for a complete theory of education that would lead to a practical way of bringing happiness to humankind.

Who is Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi?

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, Swiss social reformer and educator, is known as the Father of Modern Education. The modern era of education started with him and his spirit and ideas led to the great educational reforms in Europe in the nineteenth century.

How did Pestalozzi influence education?

Pestalozzi saw teaching as a subject worth studying in its own right and he is therefore known as the father of pedagogy (the method and practice of teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept). He caused education to become a separate branch of knowledge, alongside politics and other recognised areas of knowledge.

How you can help?


Thank you for taking this step to donate. Please select from the following:

Gifts collected by our UK and USA charities can be directed to any of our international partners. Contact Suzanne Davis  to provide us with your preference.

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