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Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

Two hundred years ahead of his time.

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi was a Swiss humanitarian who devoted his life to the education of children. He believed that the best service man can render to man is to teach a person to help him or herself. His educational philosophy included the development of practical skills and social awareness in addition to academic achievements, summarised as Head, Heart and Hands. His principles guide and inspire all Pestalozzi entities today.

hhh cover“You plant a tiny seed in the ground; in that seed lies the whole nature of the tree” Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746-1827)

Head, Heart and Hand. Education in the Spirit of Pestalozzi by Arthur Bruhlmeier.  A review of Pestalozzi's work offering insight in to how schools can be more child-oriented and produce better-educated school-leavers. Of great benefit to those in the field of education, as well as to parents. or download the pdf (862KB) (donations welcome).  Book review by Dr David Wilkinson here.

Pestalozzi Life and Values by our children coordinated by Joanna Nair (pdf 2.8 MB) links resources about Pestalozzi and organisations inspired by his work.

Wikipedia on Pestalozzi A good place to start.

Short Bio from

Pestalozzi's Fundamental Ideas (pdf) a slide show we put together.

A Long Biography of Pestalozzi from "The Development of Education"

An Essay on Pestalozzi Methods from "The Development of Education"

Short Bio from With a discussion of Pestalozzi pedagogy.

Short Bio from A two-page essay.




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