PestalozziWorld has helped set up and support, both financially and otherwise, in-country PestalozziWorld Foundations for Indians, Nepalese, Thais, Tibetans and Vietnamese.  Initially run by graduates of the UK Pestalozzi Village in East Sussex, increasingly the work is being taken over by the younger PestalozziWorld alumni. 

These organisations not only sponsor students in their own right, but also help with the selection and follow-up of other PestalozziWorld sponsored students in their countries. One of the long-term objectives of PestalozziWorld is for each foundation to take over the sponsorship scheme. 

The Pestalozzi Foundations work to further the aims of PestalozziWorld by helping with the education of bright children from economically poor families ensuring that the education lays emphasis on the development of the whole child - practical skills and social awareness as well as academic skills. Pestalozzi ideals are promoted among the children they help, especially encouraging them to get involved in the Circle of Success.

For more information about the PestalozziWorld alumni and Foundations please contact us.