More than 1020 in number, our alumni, having been helped by us, go on to help many others. This is the story of a few people making a big difference.

Some go into tertiary education, obtaining scholarships at some of the world’s best Universities, including Harvard, Penn, Princeton and Yale in the US, and Oxford and LSE in the UK.  Others develop technical and vocational skills and pursue professions immediately, or start their own businesses   


  • Raising funds for the education of future scholars
  • Assisting students at the African and Asian Villages
  • Staying in touch with each other, forming an international PestalozziWorld family of educators
  • Setting up local PestalozziWorld organizations.  There are alumni–run informal organizations for Malawians and Zambians, as well as for UK- and US-based alumni
  • Helping with the work of the PestalozziWorld Alumni Foundations
  • Working as educational coaches teaching maths with our partner Edulution in Zambia

Alumni Stories

sadikshyaSadikshya is a 19 year old Nepalese alumna of PestalozziWorld, who went to the Convent of Jesus and Mary in Dehradun, India for her schooling while living at the Asian Village, Dehradun.  She has now returned to Nepal after completing her International Baccalaureate studies in India.  During this gap year, she has been teaching primary school children on a voluntary basis, and working voluntarily for the Nepal Foundation and the Asian Village in Dehradun, fundraising for these Trusts and monitoring and teaching the students supported by them.

To Sadikshya Bhattarai, the concept of the circle of success is the most important thing.  “We get education, then we grow up, we give education,” she explains.

alumnagraduatingKannika, a Thai PestalozziWorld alumna, is 22 years old and completed her schooling in Thailand, supported by the Thai Pestalozzi Foundation (TPF), after which she went on to complete her International Baccalaureate at the Mahindra United World College, India.  She has recently graduated from St. Olaf College in USA, securing a BA in Environmental Studies.  Currently, she is self-sufficient enough to take care of all the expenses in her parental home, including the medical expenses and care of her mother, who has multiple sclerosis. 

charityCharity is a nineteen year old Malawian alumna.  She was a PestalozziWorld student from 2007 to 2010 and is now studying Business Administration at the University of Malawi. That ‘we can always share the little we have with others and it starts now’ is what Charity Kasiya considers to be the most important thing she has learnt from PestalozziWorld.


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