Less than 15% of children from the rural areas of India, Nepal, Malawi and Zambia are enrolled in secondary education. These children face many issues, poverty, lack of  accessible schools and cultural barriers that keep girls at home. In many countries girls face the additional threat of human trafficking.

PestalozziWorld is an international educational charity which provides scholarships to poor, mostly rural children, enabling them to attend secondary school.  For many such children, the alternative is to work in subsistence farming, as labourers, or, for girls, early marriage. The children are selected on the basis of two girls for every one boy. PestalozziWorld now also provides a non-selective mobile learning programme using tablet technology in Zambia with our partner Edulution. Many of the entrepreneurial coaches who deliver the programme are PestalozziWorld alumni.

PestalozziWorld, established in 1995 includes: International Villages in India and Zambia; Hostels and Skills Centres; fundraising organisations in the United States, UK, Switzerland and Ireland; and Alumni groups for Indians, Malawians, Nepalese, Thais, Tibetans and Zambians.

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746-1827) was a Swiss humanitarian and educational reformer who devoted his life to helping children orphaned by the Napoleonic Wars. His philosophy of education informs all our work with children. Pestalozzi’s holistic motto “head, hearts and hands” reminds us that education must not only encourage academic achievement but also introduce an ethic of compassion and the benefits of learning practical skills.