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Pestalozzi Charitable Organisations

PestalozziWorld, including Pestalozzi Overseas Children's Trust, Pestalozzi US Children's Charity International and PestalozziWorld Ireland or

Pestalozzi Education Centre, Lusaka, Zambia

PestalozziWorld Facebook

Pestalozzi Children's Village, Dehradun - Facebook

Pestalozzi International Village Trust, East Sussex, UK

Pestalozzi Children's Foundation in Trogen, Switzerland

The Neuhof which provides vocational training for non-integrated youth and young offenders in the spirit of Pestalozzi

Pestalozzi School in Sulgen, Switzerland:

Pestalozzi Trust - Legal Defence Fund For Home Education

Related Resources

J. H. Pestalozzi at Wikipedia

Pestalozzi Goes Internet - an extensive resource on Pestalozzi.  The website is predominantly in German, though this link is to pages on his life and work in English.  Other languages are served including Chinese. - introduction to J. H. Pestalozzi and related links.

International Baccalaureate Organisation

United World Colleges

Mahindra United World College of India

Tibet Online Resource Gathering

Pathways to School Improvement

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Global Campaign For Education

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