It costs $1200 or £1000 a year to house and educate each of our scholarship children and the annual cost per student on the mobile learning programme is $120 or £100.
All of your donations go directly to helping children. We have a zero administration cost policy. All administration costs are paid by Trustees or special donors who have specifically donated funds for administration, so that every penny we receive in donations goes towards educating the children.

Please help us and donate via fundraising trusts in US, UK, Switzerland or Ireland (see below) to suit your currency and tax planning.  Thank you.
Volunteer your time

If you would like to make a difference at one of our Villages teaching or supporting staff please get in touch!

Email: tanya @ or
+44 (0)20 7922 7716


US$ Donors

PUSCCI was established in 1998 to enable US citizens to support the work of PestalozziWorld and obtain the tax deductions available to US donors.

By check payable to

Pestalozzi US Children’s Charity Inc

and sent to:

Pestalozzi US Children’s Charity Inc
c/o Sandra Weiksner
164 E 81st Street
NY 10028-1804

By bank transfer or
for donations of stocks and shares

Please call +1 917 512 3048 for bank details.  Thank you.

€uro Donors

Donate in Euro via Paypal
POCT Ireland was established in 2007 in order to offer a Euro denominated gift option and to provide tax- efficient giving arrangements for our growing number of Irish supporters.

By cheque payable to

Pestalozzi Overseas Children’s Trust Ireland Ltd

and sent to:

PestalozziWorld, Ballin Temple, Ardattin, Co. Carlow

By bank transfer

Please call +353 (0)59 915 5037 for bank details.  Thank you.

UK£ Donors

PWCT is the original trust, established in 1995 to support the education of gifted but very poor children in Africa and Asia.

By cheque payable to

Pestalozzi World Children’s Trust

and sent to:

Pestalozzi World Children’s Trust, CAN Mezzanine, 32-36 Loman Street, London, SE1 0EH

By bank transfer to UK or offshore account.

Please call +44 (0)207 922 7716 for bank details.  Thank you.


CHF Donors

 POCT Foundation, a Swiss trust established in 2009 to facilitate donations received from Swiss supporters.

By cheque payable to

POCT Foundation

and sent to:

Dr Peter Stocker
c/o Marcuard Family
Office AG
Theaterstrasse 12
8001 Zurich

By bank transfer

Please call +41 (0)43 344 60 08 for bank details.  Thank you.

We would like to thank the following organisations for their continued support: